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Andor’s first season has come to a close with a fantastic finale and also a funeral service that was simultaneously heartbreaking and inspiring. But with the program’s initial 12 episodes currently total, it’s currently time to expect period 2. Cassian has actually associated the disobedience in an almost-official method, which indicates there’s a lot of ground to cover in the program’s last 12 episodes as he expands his duty in the Rebel Alliance.

We’ve known for a while that Cassian Andor’s trip from a young burglar to a Rebel hero would certainly last for two seasons and 24 episodes, yet just how those episodes play out has actually continued to be a secret. Thankfully, after the final thought of period 1, Tony Gilroy took a seat with Polygon to provide a couple of understandings right into the program’s 2nd period, without providing excessive of Cassian’s tale away.

[Ed. note: This story contains spoilers for Andor season 1 and hints about the events of season 2.]

Andor’s initial period brought Cassian to the edge of the disobedience, dedicated to tossing his life at the reason. Gilroy desired this to be the driving pressure of period 1 as the program analyzed what might make a person devote their life to a reason like the disobedience.

“This first half was about him becoming a revolutionary and committing to it, and sort of marrying himself to it, and sort of the blood oath,” Gilroy informed Polygon in a meeting.

But since Cassian appears to have actually discovered his brand-new residence with the future Rebel Alliance (a minimum of if his conference with Luthen is any kind of sign), after that his following action is to climb up the rankings and also climb in value. After all, this whole period is leading up directly to Rogue One, in which Cassian is a relied on and also essential participant of the disobedience.

“Cassian’s commitment to the cause is not in doubt. If it was about him becoming a revolutionary, then the second half is about him becoming a leader,” stated Gilroy.

To obtain him to this factor, Gilroy states that Andor period 2 will certainly comply with a rather comparable framework to the initial period.

“We’re going to skip a whole year. We come back a year later, many things have changed,” Gilroy stated. “And we’ll do three episodes, and we’ll jump a year. And we’ll do another three episodes, and we’ll jump a year. And we’ll come back to the final four episodes, and those episodes will be the last three days really before Rogue One, and the final scene of the show will be walking you into Rogue One.”

Now as opposed to Cassian’s very own trip to disobedience, Andor will certainly offer us a consider the trip of the Rebel Alliance itself. While the Rebels have actually constantly been Star Wars’ stock-standard variation of the heros — endure individuals going to withstand the fascist regime of the Empire — the collection has actually seldom made the effort to take a look at what the real human price of disobedience on a galaxy-wide range may resemble. And while Andor’s initial period has actually currently scraped the surface area of that subject, Gilroy states the 2nd period will certainly dive completely in.

“So what we’re doing is, we’re showing in a very different way now — it’s not about becoming a revolutionary. It’s watching how the Alliance itself is going to put pressure on people,” Gilroy described. “Are you in? Or are you out? What happens to the original gangsters, the Saw Gerreras and Luthen Raels? How hard it is to build a coalition? How much betrayal there is, how much failure there is — there’s some canonical material that we have the opportunity to play with. So it’s still a show about regular people making incredible decisions in difficult times.”


Source: Polygon

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