After Viral Videos Alleging Discrimination, Sesame Place Is Getting Sued For Millions

Sesame Place entrance sign

(Image credit: Sesame

Lawsuits are not uncommon at theme parks but usually they involve guests sustaining injuries while inside the crowded parks. Sesame Place in Philadelphia, however, now has a very different lawsuit on its hands, as a class action suit has been filed for $25 million claiming racial discrimination on the part of the theme park.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit lists a man named Quentin Burns, who visited Sesame Place with his daughter in June of this year. The lawsuit says the two of them attended a meet and greet with several costumed characters, including Elmo, Ernie, Telly Monster and Abby Cadabb. However, allegedly, none of the performers would engage with either of them, or with other Black guests in attendance, while the were interacting with white guests at the same event.

The lawsuit follows a high profile viral video from earlier this month that appeared to show a performer dressed as Sesame Street‘s Rosita telling two Black girls “no” when they tried to meet her. Sesame Place claims there was a misunderstanding and has reached out to that family to make amends, though they are reportedly considering legal action as well.

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