A-Rod Gets Asked About Jennifer Lopez Moving On With Ben Affleck So Quickly After Split, And He Has A Very Diplomatic Answer

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The personal life of Jennifer Lopez is one that it appears the globe will certainly never ever be tired of finding out about. To be reasonable, she has actually dated a variety of high account celebs in her life, consisting of previous baseball celebrity Alex Rodriguez, that she was involved to wed at once. That was her connection before returning along with Ben Affleck, that she did at some point wed. But A-Rod claims there are currently tough sensations.

During a current meeting on CNN, Alex Rodriguez was inquired about his previous connection with Jennifer Lopez, and also just how he really felt to see her return with Affleck so right after their interactions finished. Rodriguez picked to maintain his solution free from debate, just desiring the couples the very best, and also stating no extra. In his words… 

First of all, I would certainly state, I’m glad I’m not mosting likely to ever before be a Presidential prospect since you would certainly hammer me. No, with Jennifer, appearance, it was a great experience. And I want her and also the youngsters, that are wise, and also attractive and also remarkable — I want them the absolute best. That’s it.


It remained in April 2021 when it was verified that Jennifer Lopez had Alex Rodriguez and ended their relationship. But it was just a number of weeks later on when the very first reports of Lopez and Ben Affleck getting back together began to find out. We at some point found out that this brand-new connection was genuine, and also both, that had actually been involved formerly, actually got married this past July in Las Vegas.

I’m unsure anyone would certainly criticize Alex Rodriguez, if there were some tough sensations there. But if that’s the case, he’s definitely not mosting likely to discuss them today. Ultimately we have no concept what took place to finish that connection, and also we might never ever recognize. His favorable remarks below could not be the entire tale, however that doesn’t indicate they’re not authentic regarding they go. He’s been asked about Lopez’s marriage prior to and also A-Rod discussed just how vital the children were, and also repeats that below.

And there’s at the very least a feasible reason Lopez and Affleck got together so quickly and after that did at some point obtain wed. They’d been with each other prior to and also had actually virtually been wed prior to. Seeing a brand-new connection development the means this set did would certainly have been shocking, though definitely not uncommon, however in this situation it’s not tough to see the pair just grabbing where they ended. 

Whether you’re directly linked to individuals entailed or simply followers, definitely all of us wish that everyone seeking love discovers it. It’s not specifically the most convenient point on the planet to attain for anyone, also the abundant and also well-known. 

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